Nakade is a real-time generative graphical music visualisation created for the Synchrony 2020 New-York-Montréal demoscene event, where it was awarded first place in the demo category. It was also selected to be shown at Concordia University's 2020 Design and Computation Arts End of Year Show.

"Nakade" is a double entendre between Bulgarian and Japanese. "Na kade" (на къде) in Bulgarian means "where to?", in a way posing the question "where can I find home?". In Japanese, "naka de" (中で) translates to "inside", answering the question is "home is found inside oneself".

This project was created in collaboration with Victor Ivanov (, who composed, sound designed and mixed the music heard in the demo, and provided key insights into game logic design and photogrammetric model creation.

My contribution consists in the development of custom shader and graphics programs that allowed us to shear, twist and distort space in real time, and melt point clouds into flowing, liquid-like patterns.

All of the scenes showcased in the demo were created through photogrammetry, allowing us to transform real-world spaces into 3D environments made of colored points. Most scenes were captured in New-York, but two scenes were captured on the train on which the demoscene event occured, just a few hours before the final version of the program was compiled.

For an optimal viewing experience, you can download the Windows or macOS executable to run Nakade on your machine. Video compression does not allow a good reconstruction of this pointillistic visual style, especially at high resolutions. Nakade was optimized to run at 4K 30FPS on a high-end laptop.