Grainlet is a powerful real-time sound synthesis engine that borrows ideas from granular synthesis and wavelet synthesis.

It is built for versatility; like any other granular engine, it can be used in classical synthesizer architectures, but it is also specially designed to be used with live source audio buffers to create granular delay lines, echoes, and reverbs. The engine’s grain windowing technique allow for both of these behaviours to be possible under the same paradigm without any mode switching. Additionally, the engine features audio-rate modulation and parametric randomization of both phase and frequency, which can lead to FM-synthesis style sounds and rich stereo effects. It also features cubic, linear, nearest-neighbour and glitched interpolation modes to dial in the perfect amount of digital grit, ranging from crystal-clear high-fi rendering to grungy lo-fi aliasing.

Below are some sound samples generated by Grainlet; the first two were generated by using it as a classical granular synthesizer, while the last uses it as a granular delay within a reverb's diffusion network.

Grainlet is still under development; it currently exists as a C++ compiled external for Max MSP. A major rewrite and the addition of oversampling is planned before it is released; it will likely eventually become avaliable as part of some software instrument.